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    Forward Stride: We continue to make incredible strides

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    August 18, 2017
    Dear Forward Stride Community

    Due to your generous support, we continue to make incredible strides as we face one of the most challenging transitions in Forward Stride's history.

    Last week, Portland Metro Land Group, our landlords, generously offered us an extension at our current facility through mid-September. This will allow us to finish the first phase of construction at the new property prior to moving the business. We are also now able to offer an extended summer session through August 31st. In addition, they are graciously donating $10,000 towards our Round-Up Relay.

    This extension will help us to minimize the amount of time we will be closed during the transition. Our progress has been immense--we completed Phase I of excavation during the wettest winter on record. Our large arena has been paid for, delivered, and is almost finished being erected. The pasture barns for our horses are in the final stages of assembly.

    The last two fiscal years have had positive net program income that has allowed us to reach our immediate need to move. Overall, we are doing great.

    The challenge is this: Due to the move, we still have to halt programming for a month while the facility becomes program ready. This loss of program revenue will have a major impact on Forward Stride.

    The solution: We need an additional $80K by the end of August to bridge the cash flow gap created by the move so we can seamlessly restart programs on October 2.

    You can help! By signing up for our Round-Up Relay and asking your community to support Forward Stride's mission you have the capability to help us bring in those additional funds to bridge the gap. No donation is too small. Every dollar counts.

    Please consider fundraising and/or donating to our Round-Up Relay.

    We will continue to update you on the move and our Round-Up Relay in the coming weeks.

    Michelle Whiteaker, Communications Coordinator, Instructor
    michelle.whiteaker@forwardstride.org, 503-590-2959