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    Hot Flashes? Know someone with them?

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    August 29, 2017
    Do you know anyone dealing with hot flashes?
    Mood swings?
    Lack of sleep?
    Complaining about menopause?
    Menopause can be a bumpy, irritating, hot & humid road to try to navigate on your own.
    The good news - Hypnosis can help menopause symptoms!
    Even though menopause is a natural transition in life it is sometimes easy for some women - and sometimes not for others.
    During menopause, new unexpected hormonal surges can cause hot flashes and emotional havoc for some women. These surges are now more easily triggered by many different things including stress, worry, anger and emotional conflicts.
    Even though medication and hormone replacement therapy - HRT - might be suggested, they might not be the choice or answer for everyone. Some women make adjustments in their foods and take supplements or herbs to help them deal with the symtoms.
    Hypnosis could be your simple and effective menopause symptom solution.
    Hypnosis for menopause can help overcome the most stressful and irritating symptoms, like hot flashes, stress and mood swings.
    Studies in the US and the UK are showing great results for menopause symptoms using hypnosis.  A study at Baylor’s College of Arts & Science found a series of hypnosis sessions reduced hot flashes by as much as 80%.  And also helped to improve sleep and moods.  How would you like that for yourself?
    It was also found that women with breast cancer that developed menopause symptoms due to their treatment and medications also benefited from the hypnosis sessions and reduced their symptoms.
    In retrospect, my experience with menopause was probably pretty mild. I remember occasional hot flashes but they never resulted in panic or anxiety attacks like my friends. And to my knowledge I had no major mood swings  -though others might disagree. )
    Many of my friends did not fair as well.
    • I can remember seeing some having their glasses totally fogging up.
    • Others having their face and neck turn red and glistening in sweat many times a day.
    • One was having a screaming fit on the phone with a friend that was totally inappropriate. (I was even afraid of her.)
    • Several others reported having hot flashes that resulted in full-blown panic attacks.
    At that time I helped some of them using hypnosis and other techniques to dial down the frequency and intensity of their hot flashes with great success. 
    I was just glad to help them then. I never thought about developing a program for menopause symptoms to help others. Until now.
    Encouraged by friends and the research I have discovered I have now created one.
    I am proud to announce my -
    Menopause Symptom Relief Program
    6 Sessions to help:
    • Dial down the hot flashes
    • Clear emotional clutter
    • Reduce stress
    • Restore more peaceful sleep
    • And address individual struggles you might be having
    • Unlimited email & phone support
    Also includes 
    • Handouts 
    • Tools & techniques  
    • And soothing CDs 
    All to support you through your entire menopause process so it can be a more peaceful and empowering transition in your life.
     $995                           Intro Special price    $497
    Introduction price offer ends August 31.
    Sessions in person or by Skype from anywhere.
    No more hot & humid bumpy roads –
     Just smooth, cool sailing for you.
    Free 30 minute consultation to answer any questions.
    ***** Gift Certificates available for partners, friends, family members and co-workers.
    Jane Conboy, owner
    (503) 703-3703