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    JOB: Lake Oswego Hunt Manager Opening

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    October 06, 2017

    Applications due October 20, 2017 to Janice Weis, Search Committee Chair,
    weisjl@msn.com (electronic submissions only please)
    Job Title: Manager of Lake Oswego Hunt - Lake Oswego, Oregon

    Reports to: LOH Board of Directors

    Responsible for: Oversight of business administration, facility operations, and boarder services. Supervision of full-time barn staff.

    Type of Position: Full-time (40) hours per week/salaried position.

    Facility: Lake Oswego Hunt, Inc. (LOH) is a non-profit historic equestrian facility located in Lake Oswego, Oregon run by a member Board of Directors. LOH offers boarding and a range of English riding instruction with beginning riding lessons offered to the public through its Riding Academy and advanced training offered through an eventing and dressage trainer. LOH also has a robust calendar of shows and special events open to members and the public throughout the year. For more information about LOH, please visit: www.lakeoswegohunt.com

    Job Purpose/General Duties:
    Please note that this is not a riding or training position and the manager is expected to serve full-time in the manager role.
    1. To serve as key staff person responsible for business operations of LOH in consultation with the Board and to implement Board policy and direction. Fundamental to business operations are significant administrative and office management duties, including budget oversight and review, invoice review and approvals, interface with book-keeping to assure payment of vendors and assistance with management and accuracy of member and boarder accounts and trainer commission reports, maintenance of clean and organized work spaces, supply ordering (office supplies and all barn supplies, including horse feed and bedding), inventory management, accurate and current record keeping and filing, prompt responses to e-mails and phone calls, and mail processing.
    2. To oversee LOH’s boarding operation and its facilities and grounds maintenance and improvements. Includes acting as supervisor for barn staff to (a) assure high quality, safe, clean, and cost effective provision of services to boarders and Riding Academy horses, including maintaining
    current records on all horses boarded at LOH, determining stall locations of horses and maintaining an accurate up to date stall chart for book-keeping and general purposes, executing boarding contracts with boarders, and assuring feed and other services are implemented, and (b) oversight of facilities and grounds maintenance and improvement projects, including cleaning service for barn facilities (kitchen, restrooms, and other areas). Includes ordering supplies, feed, bedding, and tracking maintenance schedules for all equipment and systems at LOH.
    3. Supervisor of barn staff and cleaning service, including performance reviews of staff and hiring or replacing staff as needed, including performing background checks on all new employees.
    4. To serve as the main contact for LOH members and boarders who have questions or operations needs, to resolve member and boarder concerns as they arise and to elevate those that need Board-level attention. To provide information to potential boarders and members about LOH in a prompt and friendly manner, including tours of the facility as requested
    5. To ensure compliance with LOH rules, regulations and policies and to track and implement all business requirements (corporate renewals, OHSHA, insurance, etc.) and applicable state and federal laws relating to equine facilities.
    6. To serve as main contact for trainers and RA staff to assure orderly use of arena through maintenance of arena schedule and to support all programs, including oversight of preparation of grounds for each show and other events.
    7. To promote LOH to potential customers and the public.
    8. To work with the Finance Committee, bookkeeper and Board to monitor the LOH budget, stay within budget and to recommend to the Board methods of reducing costs where feasible and desired.
    9. To attend monthly Board meetings and to provide reports to the Board and membership on operations issues at those meetings and in regular eblasts to members
    10. Other duties and special projects as assigned or necessary.

    Candidate Profile:
    ● A mature business manager with a proven record of success in an equestrian environment or relevant similar environment
    ● A team player with motivational skills who can set and implement expectations of all barn staff and foster an atmosphere of respect and professionalism among staff, trainers, members, and boarders
    ● Excellent people, customer service skills and problem solving and communication skills, ability to maintain confidentiality of client business, and professional and friendly demeanor. Ability to work independently and as part of a team and to provide timely and appropriate communications to the Board
    ● Ability to write up proposals for Board or Committee review including estimated budget and relevant factors for consideration
    ● Knowledge of farm equipment operation and maintenance (tractors, sprinkler systems, etc.) and experience with care and maintenance of equestrian grounds (footing, grass, indoor and outdoor arenas, fencing, etc.)
    ● High degree of experience with horses and equine care
    ● Proficient at all main office management computer programs, including Microsoft Word, Excel, QuickBooks, and e-mail. Ability to read and interpret Profit & Loss Statements and follow and implement budgets.
    ● Highly organized: attention to detail and ability to keep up with administrative tasks (paperwork, filing, organizational systems) and ability to calendar and organize systematic operation and maintenance of barn, facilities, grounds, and equipment.
    ● High degree of attention to keeping the barn and grounds clean, safe and tidy at all times.
    ● Spanish speaker or willing to learn Spanish. A candidate who speaks Spanish already is highly preferred.

    Description of Physical Demands
    ● Significant walking around of barn and grounds
    ● Some bending and lifting to move equipment, feed, boxes, jumps, etc.
    ● Occasional operation of farm equipment (tractor, mule, shovels, rakes, wheelbarrows)
    ● Interaction with horses (occasional assistance with turnout, moving horses, etc.)
    ● Operation of computer, printer, phone and similar office machinery

    Minimum Qualifications:
    ● At least 21 years of age
    ● US citizen or lawful resident
    ● Spanish speaking or willingness to learn
    ● At least 3 years of relevant experience in areas noted above
    ● Successful passage of criminal and background check, including references

    To Apply: Submit resume, list of at least 3 references, and cover letter describing applicable experience by October 20, 2017 to (electronically only please):
    Janice Weis
    Chair, Search Committee

    Please note that LOH requires reference checks and background review of potential employees prior to hiring and is a smoke free environment.