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    Pearl's recovery at the hands of Horse by Northwest

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    January 22, 2018
    A testimonial by Erin McCarthy for Horse by Northwest:

    "Our little farm enjoyed a small miracle over the weekend. Two weeks ago, our oldest alpaca, Tahitian Pearl, went down in the pasture. She is *ancient* in alpaca years and her body condition was not the greatest (she has always been thin), so when the cold snap hit we think it really took a toll. She was her same alert, sweet self, but just couldn't stand. We trucked her down to the barn in a wheelbarrow, set her up in a stall with easy-to-reach food and water, and I began a regimen of vitamins, IM meds, and high-calorie nutritional supplement delivered via a big ol' oral syringe three times a day. We did lots of massage and stretching of her legs to maintain muscle condition and elasticity. It has been an INTENSE process to say the least. They say that once an alpaca goes down, recovery is nearly impossible. But, Pearl clearly had fight left and was telling me she wasn't ready to go. Slowly, her strength started to return. During the day, I'd leave the door to her stall open so that she could receive visitors, like the chickens who enjoyed her grain pan, or the curious cats who would hang out on the periphery. Yesterday, Amanda Leto was out doing massages on the horses and she did some aromatherapy with Pearl. Whatever magic that amazing woman did, it worked! Last night, not only did Pearl get up on her own, but she toddled out of the stall! She had her first night where she stayed kushed as she slept instead of falling over and needing a push to get upright in the morning, as has been the case for these few weeks. Today, she is strong enough to wander out of the stall and nibble the lawn with two submissive, gentle buddies who can now keep her company in he recovery. I know she still has a long way to go before she's out of the woods, but my heart absolutely exploded when I saw her on her feet yesterday. Pearl has overcome the odds!"
    Amanda Leto
    (503) 929-7087